Supporting Candidates That Support Our Troops!

Welcome to Move America Forward Freedom PAC (MAFPAC)

We are a political action committee with the mission of electing candidates who will fight to strengthen national defense and security, fully support our troops and their missions in the war on terror, and encourage a foreign policy that puts American security first, without apology.

Here is a brief overview of what we stand for:

starglogo_sm_bullet Supporting Our Troops and Their Missions in the War on Terror

starglogo_sm_bullet Hunting Down and Defeating Terrorists on Any Battlefield

starglogo_sm_bullet Providing Law Enforcement with Effective Counter terrorism Tools

starglogo_sm_bullet Keeping Guantanamo Bay Open and Prosecuting Terrorists Aggressively

starglogo_sm_bullet Using U.S. Foreign Policy to Combat the Spread of Islamic Extremism

starglogo_sm_bullet Supporting Israel and All Our Allies in the Middle East Region

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