MAF Freedom PAC (MAFPAC) is a Political Action Committee organized and brought to you by Move America Forward. Much like Move America Forward the 501(c)(3) charity, the mission of MAFPAC is first and foremost to support our troops and their missions in the war on terror. We recognize that we are able to enjoy the freedom and prosperity that we have today only because brave American troops have fought and died to protect it. We owe everything we have to our brave troops and the veterans who before them, and fought to make America free and strong.


America is at war with radical Islam. These groups of militant islamofascists are bent on destroying our nation and are willing to commit acts of terrorism, killing civilians, even other Muslims, to do it. Surrender is not an option, victory is the only solution and we need members of congress who will stand behind our troops and support them until the job is done.

Our mission is to support candidates who stand for the following 5 principles, each of which are critical to ensuring America's victory in the war on terror and continued safety and prosperity.

– Support Our Troops and their Missions in the War on Terror

– Hunt Down and Defeat Terrorists on Any Battlefield

– Achieve Complete and Final Victory in Iraq and Afghanistan

– Provide Law Enforcement with the Tools Necessary to Ensure Homeland Security

– Maximize American Foreign Policy to Combat Global Terrorism

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