Benghazi-gate Worse than Watergate



Only one day left to make a difference in this pivotal election that will massively impact our troops, our National Security, and the War on Terror for the next 4 years or longer! Now that we’re on the home stretch, the mass media is running interference for Obama by ignoring the story that threatens to hurt him the most: Benghazi-gate.

It’s now been 55 days since the tragic terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, that killed 4 Americans including two former Navy SEALs and our Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens. And yet 55 days later, the American people still have no answers. 

Why were the requests for more security ignored? Why were the intelligence reports not taken into account? What did the President know, when did he know it, and why didn’t he act on it?

The White House has been silent, and the reporters have stopped asking questions. Only with your help can we stop this from being a media-blackout. Help us, and we can get the information out to the undecided voters who need to see it!

This is exactly why the Romney/Ryan campaign is relying on us to make sure that voters in critical swing-states are very aware of the issues surrounding Benghazi-gate and how President Obama has failed us. Help us keep our ad running in key states – we are making a difference!


Several days ago we brought you  the amazing news that over 300 retired high-ranking Generals and Admirals had signed on to support Mitt Romney for President.

By comparison, President Obama has been endorsed by 5.

Five against three hundred was a pretty wide margin, but how about 500? The group of military Generals and Admirals has grown to over 500 now, and beyond that, they decided to further help out the Romney campaign by purchasing a full page ad in the Washington-Times print and paying for it with their own money!

That means for every 1 General who supports Obama, Romney has 100 supporting him! Who do you think is going to be a better Commander-in-Chief for our troops?

Five hundred retired generals and admirals are running an ad in Monday’s editions of The Washington Times calling on the country to elect Republican Mitt Romney on Tuesday.

In plain terms the officers, who paid for the ad themselves, said they support Mr. Romney: “We, the undersigned, proudly support Governor Mitt Romney as our nation’s next president and commander-in-chief.”

The ad then goes on to list all of the officers, in alphabetical order, in four columns of print.

Read more: Retired top military brass push for Romney – Washington Times

Benghazi-gate: Worse than Water-g

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