Ilario Pantano

America is at a dangerous time in our history. Abroad, we face rising tensions, a war front in Afghanistan, and the threat of an emerging nuclear power in Iran. Here at home, our economy is troubled and our future unsure. In this period of turbulence, we at Move America Forward look for strong leaders with the vision and capacity to lead America through the rough waters, stand up to our enemies and preserve the liberty of our nation.

In all our searching, one man stands out from the rest – Marine officer Ilario Pantano, running for Congress in North Carolina. Pantano first swore an oath to defend the Constitution when he joined the Marines at the age of 17 and fought in the first Gulf War before leaving the Marine Corps to pursue his life goasl.

After 9/11 Pantano re-enlisted because he heard the call to defend his country and he answered it. Pantano led his troops into the chaos of battle of Iraq. He gained the respect of his soldiers, and was described as one superior as having “more integrity, dedication and drive than any Marine he’s ever met.” Perhaps that’s why many on the left have started calling Ilario Pantano a “Jack Bauer Republican”. He has a reputation of being tough, but loyal, of not being afraid to shake things up in order to get the job done. We want Pantano to bring that same integrity, dedication and drive to the halls of congress.

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