Michael Grimm

Mike is veteran of the first Gulf War. He enlisted and served in the United States Marine Corps at only 19 years old and became a non commissioned officer in the corps. Highly respected, Mike proved himself to be a capable leader and was awarded several combat merits.

After the Persian Gulf War, Mike transitioned to active reserve status and went to school, he eventually became an FBI Officer and served for years as a Special Agent and then an Undercover Agent. In his career with the FBI, Michael Grimm has gone after drug lords, wall street corruption and investigated corrupt political kickbacks and other shady deals in politics. He’s the perfect man to help clean up Washington.

Now he’s running an extremely active campaign and has received prestigious endorsements from such leaders as Alaska’s former Governor and conservative hero, blue star mom Sarah Palin. He’s also received endorsements from Senator John McCain and Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York City.

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