MAFPAC 2014 Candidates Coming Soon!



We all know that there is a shortage of leaders in Washington, D.C. that are principled and strong leaders. That is exactly why we here at MAF Freedom PAC have dedicated our lives to elect more military veterans to Congress. As someone who has risked his or her life for their country, spent months or years away from their family, a veteran possesses the qualities that we expect from our leaders: strength, discipline, sacrifice, and service. 

At MAF Freedom PAC we seek out and support candidates who embody the core principles that are vital to America’s national security.

Support our Troops and their Missions in the War on Terror

Hunt Down and Defeat Terrorists on Any Battlefield

Provide Law Enforcement with Effective Counter-terrorism Tools

Keep Guantanamo Bay Open and Prosecute Terrorists Aggressively

Use U.S. Foreign Policy to Combat the Spread of Radical Islam

Support Israel and Our Allies in the Middle East Region

The world is a dangerous place right now with Syria using chemicals weapons on its own people, Iran working hard to develop nuclear arms capability, and Russia aggressively trying to swallow up its neighboring countries.

There is a vacuum in foreign policy leadership in Washington right now and our enemies sense it and have been testing us.  We need to elect military veterans that have the experience and knowledge to deal with these dangerous issues.

The career politicians are failing our military and veterans by not giving them the support they need.  Whether it is the ‘rules of engagement’ that put our troops lives in danger and at a disadvantage on the battlefield, the slashing of our defense budget, or the failure to take care of our veterans when they return home, Washington must do better for America’s best and bravest!

We are currently evaluating and formulating our slate of candidates for 2014. In the coming weeks we will be rolling out our endorsements and introducing you to the next generation of strong leaders.

Surrender is not an option, victory is the only solution and we need representatives in congress who will stand behind our troops and support them until the job is done.

We can’t do this without your generous support. Please make a donation today so that we can elect more strong principled veterans to Congress!

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