Massive Coverup or Grossly Incompetent?


War Hero and Senator John McCain ripped into President Obama and his handling of the terrorist attack in Benghazi and subsequent coverup and misinformation campaign that has followed for the last 49 days! Despite being one of the more moderate Republicans out there, McCain has gone after Obama for risking American lives for his own political convenience.


Andrew Rafferty

Ontario, Ohio

October 31,2012

“This president is either engaged in a massive cover-up deceiving the American people or he is so grossly incompetent that he is not qualified to be the commander in chief of our armed forces. It’s either one of them,” McCain told Romney volunteers…

“It is my obligation to the men and women who are serving to get the full story out to these four brave Americans have families. They deserve to know why their sons were sacrificed in the needless fashion.”

As more details emerge as to what actually transpired when terrorists attacked  our consulate in Benghazi and murdered U.S. Ambassador Stevens, it is becoming increasingly clear that President Obama is not fit to be Commander-in-Chief.

For the security and strength of our military, please support our ‘Fire Obama’ ad campaign.  We are running our ad in critical-swing states to impress upon voters how much of a disaster the Obama administration has been when it come to national security.

Lawmakers are demanding more transparency and openness about what exactly happened, what the President knew and when he knew it. So far the Obama Administration refuses to give answers, and remains focused on attacking Romney and campaigning in swing states.

Months ago, national security was completely off the radar, the race was 100% about jobs and the economy. But as often times happens, we forget about how important national security is until another tragedy puts it right front and center again.

For Obama, it is a huge failure that ought to cost him the election! He isn’t fit to command our troops or keep our country safe! Playing politics with our national security is wrong and dangerous to American security and the lives of our people overseas. It’s time we put a stop to it and Fire Obama this November 6th!

Please help fund our Fire Obama ad campaign to run our ad which will be released VERY shortly. We will be targeting battleground states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and others. Please CLICK HERE to  make a donation today!


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With the events of the last month in Egypt, Libya and continuing in Syria and Iran we could no longer sit idly by while our military and national security is eroded by our Commander-in-Chief.  We can’t sit on the sidelines while this administration apologizes to our enemies for our freedom of speech, refuses to stand with our ally Israel, and continues to “lead from behind.”

Please help fund our Fire Obama ad campaign to run our ad which will be release VERY shortly. We will be targeting battleground states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and others. Please make a donation today!

America has and always will lead from the front and should not apologize for our strength or influence in the world.  Obama sought to “reset” relations with the Muslim world, with Russia, with China, but this stance has emboldened those who wish to see our influence recede and worried those allies that count on the USA to be a beacon of light and hope in a dark world.

With the help of great patriots like yourself, we have produced a TV ad that makes clear the difference between an America led by President Obama and his apologists or an America led by a leader that knows peace comes through strength. We are ready to reveal the ad but we need fund to run in TV! Please make a donation today!



McCain Rips Obama on Libya Coveru

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