Our Mission

The MAF Freedom PAC Mission: This November, all around the country, voters will be selecting who is to represent them in government, from The President of the United States, Senators, Congressmen, all the way down to school boards. We cannot overstate how important this process is to our troops, who will doubtless be effected a great deal by these changes in our executive, legislative and even judicial leadership.

In the past, our military suffered due to poor policy decisions of poor leadership that had been elected to our government. Budgets were cut for years on end, total troop levels were shrinking as well as the size of our navy and recruitment goals were not being met. With the War on Terror putting additional strain on our men and women in uniform, it is critical to have leaders that will support them both with effective leadership and adequate funding.

That’s why I am behind Move America Forward’s FREEDOM PAC. Our mission is to identify and give strong support to candidates – regardless of party – who will SUPPORT our TROOPS 110% all the time! At MAF Freedom PAC our issues are simple and we stand firmly behind these principles.

We will seek out candidates who stand for these beliefs because these are the kind of people that OUR TROOPS NEED IN THEIR CORNER. With effective leadership and commitment to these principles in congress and our highest executive offices our troops are sure to get the support they need, and our nation will be safe from the threat of militant Islamofascists.

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