RELEASE: MAFPAC Calls on WALSH (D-MT) to Withdraw


PRESS RELEASE: Pro-Troop PAC Suggests Senator from Montana Not Run for Re-election After Plagiarism

The pro-military political action committee MAF Freedom PAC has called on appointed Montana Senator John Walsh to withdraw from his re-election bid after it was revealed that he plagiarized his thesis while obtaining his Master’s Degree from the US Army War College. The group said Walsh’s record is ‘tarnished’.

“Honor is very important to a serviceman’s record and this incident casts a significant shadow on Mr. Walsh’s career.” said Scott Raab, Outreach Director for the pro-troop PAC and a Navy Veteran himself. “While we would be sad to lose a military veteran in the Senate, we could never support someone who leans on his or her military credentials when they received them unethically and dishonestly.” said Raab.

“Walsh, with his record now tarnished, should recuse himself from politics voluntarily by admitting his wrongdoing, serving out his term and not running for re-election. That’s the only way for him to save some of his honor.” said Raab.

The New York Times found that Walsh plagiarized a least a fourth of his 14-page thesis paper from several other scholarly sources, even copying whole pages verbatim. Walsh has not yet publicly acknowledged wrongdoing. 

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